Dutch PVC windows

Dutch PVC windows give you a lot of space to adjust the shape and size of the window, without any harm to its stability. They are excellent products for big frames. They usually are of slim and more thrifty design, so they fit most of the buildings. The look really well in brick buildings, because they do not need any masonry and flashing works.


Blockprofili systems are characterized with using 120 mm frames, which can be used with multiple window sash profiles (surface-offset, semi-faced and surface-flush), 70 mm thick. Reinforced steel of large size allow construction of huge windows, keeping the static requirements. Very wide frames, with outer make it possible to assemble the windows easily and aesthetically, even in buildings made of clinker brick without needing any additional masonry and flashing works.
In the set there are also profiles for constructing windows and doors opened outwards, placed in one frame along with fixed glass sections or those opened inwards. The additional element that distinguishes the Blackprofili NL system is the colouring. The profiles of this set, apart from standard white colour (9016) and decorative veneer are also available in creamy colour (9001).


  • “B” profiles,
  • frame thickness: 120 mm,
  • sash thickness: 70 mm,
  • 3-section frame,
  • 5-section sash,
  • in standard: lifting mishandling device (tilt & turn windows),
  • in standard: two anti-burglary protection pins at each sash,
  • in standard: micro ventilation (tilt & turn windows),
  • 2-gasket system,
  • window rail (core) white or brown,
  • available in HFL technology,
  • available with hidden fittings,
  • available with single, central handle,
  • pane package available in thickness up to 41 mm.

Exemplary realizations

Below you will find our exemplary window realizations.