Industrial doors

The doors that connects - Minimalism. Modernism. Timelessness - those are three characteristics of our industrial doors, which separate the space but in the same time make it more open for the light to come in. The combination of steel and glass guarantees a remarkable effect and lets us create tasteful and neat arrangements, giving the space a luxurious but seemingly undemanding elegance.
This is a durable and safe construction for many, many years - mainly because we use the highest quality galvanized steel and glass
The minimalistic loft design that would make your apartment distinguishable

For exceptional interiors. Our projects prove true in lofts, in antique buildings but also in modern buildings.

The doors that connects - Minimalism. Modernism. Timelessness

Our realizations

Take a look, how our doors change the space and give it a totally new character. Apartments, offices, restaurants, churches - we’re not afraid to pick up the challenge and we realise it successfully.