Wooden windows

Wood is a noble material, which gives the building a unique personality and character and well, it never is out of style. With this natural material we are able to enliven minimalistic and modern interiors as well as keep the original beauty of the windows in the older buildings. We are open to your own ideas but we can also present interesting solutions, based on our long-standing experience.


  • Lasting lacquer coating - ecological, Sikkens water paints - 4 layers
  • Two-pane set 4/16/4 HR++ 24 mm, overall heat transfer coefficient Ug=1,1 W/m2K, filled with argon
  • Windows sash 68 mm thick
  • Window frame: 114 mm wide
  • 1 or 2 gaskets of increased estimated service - window tightness, warmth and good sound insulation
  • High quality Red Meranti solid wood, Hardwood type
  • Window fitting: IPA, ROTO, AXA

Technical specification

  • Windows opened inwards,
  • Windows opened outwards,
  • Cross section accordingly with investor’s guidelines ,
  • Red Meranti (hardwood),
  • 4 layers,
  • Painted accordingly to RAL and NCS palettes,
  • Lasures (varnish) that reveals the wood structure,
  • Water-thinnable, ecological Sikkens paints, or those chosen by the customer,
  • “Thermofloat” glazing Ug= 1,1 W/m2K HR++
  • Safety and security panes,
  • Reflective panes,
  • Sound absorbing panes,
  • Ornamental, milky panes,
  • Self-cleaning panes,
  • Stained glass,
  • Den Braven silicone
Opening type
  • Swing,
  • Hopper,
  • Tilt & turn,
  • Fixed,
  • Roto,
  • MACO,
  • AXA,
  • Anti-burglary fitting
Windows handles
  • Hoppe,
  • AXA,
  • accordingly with investor’s guidelines
Muntins (optional)
  • Inner muntins between the panes, in RAL colour palette,
  • Vienna muntins, in colour of the window frame,
  • Structural, in colour of the window frame,
  • Traditional, lead muntins “Leads”,
  • Removable outer muntins, attached with locks or magnets
  • Decorations (window splits, cover strips)
  • Ventilators,
  • Outer and inner roller blinds,
  • Inner, wooden window boards etc.,
  • Contact sensors,
  • Lockable handles

Exemplary realizations

We had many opportunities to work at really interesting projects. We restored the old splendour of Dutch tenement houses and we’ve “let the light in” to various modern family homes.